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     A must-have app for anyone who hunts or competes with a retriever in the field. It can be used to record your training days and includes summaries of 60 drills and setups that can be used to encourage or discourage over 20 dog behaviours. You can view a short video here!




Behaviour Index


     Includes over 20 common retriever behaviours that a trainer may wish to encourage or discourage. e.g Cheating, Focus, Dig-backs, etc.



     Lets you keep a journal for each dog that you are training. Why wait until you get home to update your journal when you can quickly record the day's events while walking your dog off the field?

Drill Index


     Includes the summaries of 60 drills and setups. Each drill summary includes its purpose, setup, and strategy as well as a diagram and reference(s) to authors whose descriptions will give you enough information to train your dog.



Pedigree Information


     Each journal allows you to record (in one place) dog information such as Titles, Registered name, Call name, Sire, Dam, Date of Birth, Registration numbers, etc.

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