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       The "Retrievers" app is a tool that will help you train your dog to be the best that s/he can be.


     Most serious dog trainers have a program that they follow. Mike Lardy, Bill Hillman, Mitch White, Evan Graham, etc all have developed programs that are available for purchase in various formats (books, DVD's, youtube...). No matter which method/technique/program you use to teach - problems do occur.

     For less than the price of a whistle you can have a tool at your fingertips that will help you decide what to do next.

    Are you new to drills and need to know which one(s) to choose? Are you a seasoned trainer who needs to be reminded what your options are? Simply select the behaviour that you wish to encourage or discourage, and this app will display a list of drills and basic setups that will help your dog progress.

     There is a reason why the pros keep a journal for each dog that they train. "Look back to where you have been, for a clue to where you are going."


      It is difficult to look back unless you can refer to a journal of your training days. Why wait until you get home when you can use the "Retrievers" app to quickly record the day's events while walking your dog off the field? You can then review your Journal Entries to help plan your next training session.

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